As part of our made-in-Ontario plan for recovery, we are working with local companies like @eclipseautomate to make the PPE we need.

Today we’re proud to support them with $1.4M through the Ontario Together Fund so they can keep up the great work.


Join me tonight 6pmET on #SpecialReport-- I will speak with @BBBaumgartner (Kevin from @theofficetv) about his new podcast #OralHistoryOfTheOffice on @FoxNews! #FoxNews #TheOffice

"If he appeals the case and gets a retrial and is convicted, he can get a sentence."

@alandersh explains to Newsmax TV how Roger Stone’s case is 'risky.' "If there’s a different president he may have to serve his time in prison. It’s a gutsy move." http://nws.mx/tv

.@GeoRebekah, who says she was fired from the Florida Department of Health for refusing to manipulate COVID-19 data, tells @Lawrence that Florida's data reporting is now "much, much worse" just as Florida set the U.S. record for new cases in a single day. https://on.msnbc.com/38XBsRp

HILLARY CLINTON: Roger Stone 'threatened' Trump
"The pardon power is supposed to be used for compassionate purposes, to try to right wrongs - And in this case, it's a continuation of the cover-up." http://ow.ly/4jta50AybJY

.@douglaslondon5, a former CIA senior operations officer, joins @Lawrence to discuss President Trump’s silence on suspected Russian bounties and why he “wouldn’t expect Trump to be forthcoming,” especially about intelligence matters. https://on.msnbc.com/2CDOnvu

Wow! Bari Weiss' resignation from the New York Times is a MAJOR window into how much power the Times has handed over to the mob. "My own forays into WRONGTHINK have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues."

#IntoAmerica: Jamaal Bowman is part of a new wave of candidates taking on the Democratic establishment and claiming victory.

.@trymainelee sits down with him to talk about why he decided to take on one of the powerful Democrats in Congress.

Listen now: https://on.msnbc.com/2ZsefDF

Seems possible, just maybe, that big meta-debates about The Discourse are comforting because they were things we debated in the Before Times and everyone’s mind rebels a bit at the intensity and likely duration of the catastrophe we’re currently living through.

“Sessions is facing an uphill battle because the president of the United States is very popular in Alabama [and] is telling Alabamans not to vote for his former attorney general, saying ‘Sessions is a disaster who has let us all down,’” @EmeraldRobinson reports.

“We believe that one cannot order a police investigation like one orders a pizza,” said @yfblanchet about Conservatives asking the police to investigate the WE controversy. “The last thing that we want… is for political parties to order investigations against their opponents.”

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