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Damn it, I am gonna miss @cher at the Park MGM starting next week. Sorry Boo, I still love you and your work around #Housing Now!

British Muslim who worked as SECURITY GUARD dies in HOMICIDE BOMBING for Islamic State in Syria: Another grateful refugee giving back, eh? Back the ban. https://t.co/UbACzS058e

Happy #19thAmendment!

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex”

99 years ago, America gave women the right to vote. It took more decades for all women to get this right. Vote!

Ilhan Omar: “Trump’s Muslim ban is what Israel is implementing”: In her own bent way, she's not wrong. It is a national security measure on both counts not a "Muslim" ban. https://t.co/b39Lmbx54G

Five Jihad Terrorists Killed Infiltrating Israel from Gaza Strip: Genocide inciters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib must be bereft. https://t.co/dPiD3gCkRH

Blessed the man who sets
his security in the LORD,
who turns not to the arrogant
or to those who stray after falsehood.

Psalms 40:5

I’m hyper-sensitive to this line of commentary: I was excoriated, embarrassed, (almost) libeled & attempted to be humiliated into submission in 2016.
I held ground, POTUS 45 Trump.

Highlighting hypocrisy of the new Trump bandwagonners:


Asked why she persisted in the fight for women’s suffrage, ratified August 18, 1920, Alice Paul said:

“When you put your hand to the plow, you can’t put it down until you get to the end of the row.”

With thanks to our forebears for all they've fought for, the work continues.

"We've got to drop the notion of selfless versus selfish, caregiving versus care receiving. It's a reciprocal loop." Author and triple amputee BJ Miller (@bjmillermd) explains how caregivers of family and friends can cope with their role.

Polls, a cautionary tale~
The Anti-Trump crowd (both Dems and Never-Trumpers in the GOP) at it again citing “polls”.

“Way back” in 2016 I said “stop watching polls, watch people”.
Now check out Never-Trump crowd in 2016 call me names.


It’s been 99 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified. Yet the struggle to ensure everyone has equal access to the ballot box continues, especially for women of color. We need to expand early voting, have automatic voter registration, and make Election Day a national holiday.

In the series finale of 'American Swamp,' @KatyTurNBC and @JacobSoboroff dig into Washington’s inability to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure.

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We as a faith community need to come together and turn our faith into action—because faith without works is dead, and we need to bring this nation back to life.

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