Military looking to avoid a 'black eye' by stalling human rights complaint, lawyer says #hw #cdnpoli

Seatbelts on school buses could happen soon, transport minister signals #hw #cdnpoli

After previously facing criticism for her natural hair, a former news anchor in Jackson, Mississippi, is speaking out about being fired from her local news station last year. - @TODAYshow

News anchor says she was fired for her 'unprofessional' natural hairstyle

This news anchor was told her natural hair is too 'unprofessional' for TV

"What are blackface thots? They are regular thots — to clarify, “thot” is not being used in a derogatory sense here; I love thots — but with an extra side of racism. And they are everywhere."

I Can‘t Stop Laughing At These Blackface Thots

The thing that isn‘t often said about blackface is just how hilarious it is.

On "Face the Nation," Vice President Mike Pence tried to break the stalemate over Trump's border wall with words from Martin Luther King Jr.

Mike Pence Just Tried To Sell Trump's Border Wall By Quoting MLK

King, though, wasn't a fan of walls.

Olympian Adam van Koeverden wins federal Liberal nomination amid controversy #hw #cdnpoli

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