The Last Great Diplomat Of The 20th Century Has A Lesson For Future Democratic Presidents

Celina Caesar-Chavannes quit the Liberal caucus today. CBC's @chrisrands caught up with her after that announcement. Here's that exchange in full. #cdnpoli @MPCelina

"I, Donald J. Trump, am calling on Senator John McCain to release his long-form death certificate."

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg joins @Morning_Joe for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from the role faith plays in his life, and if he's a capitalist, to removing money from politics and how being a mayor could be good preparation for the White House.

Buttigieg: The kind of person to take WH next is what's important

Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, joins Morning Joe for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from the role faith plays in his life and ...

WATCH: @MattMcBradley reports live from eastern Syria on the conditions on the ground at Baghouz after President Trump asserted today that the last ISIS stronghold will be gone by tonight.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch split from his conservative colleagues and joined the court's liberals in siding with the Yakama Tribe and its right under an 1855 treaty to travel public roads without being taxed on goods brought to the reservation.

Gorsuch Provides Decisive 5th Vote In Case Interpreting Treaty With Indian Tribe

On a conservative court, Justice Gorsuch has been one of the most conservative voices. But in cases involving Indian treaties and rights, he is most o...

"I think part of how you inspire people is by offering bold proposals," Pete Buttigieg told NPR, adding "they have to be something that can earn respect on both sides of the aisle, but we shouldn't be afraid of talking about big ideas."

Democratic Candidates Embrace The Risk Of Radical Ideas

Increasing the size of the Supreme Court and scrapping the Electoral College are two of the latest provocative proposals sweeping the 2020 Democratic ...

The founder of the classic Jelly Belly has a new product: CBD Jelly Beans. But can they get you high?

Many political observers say Elizabeth Warren is dominating the policy debate among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but there is little evidence that being the policy wonk is helping her dominate the race for the nomination.

More from @WBUR:

Elizabeth Warren Is Dominating The Policy Discussion — But Not The Democratic Race

There is little evidence that being the policy wonk is helping Warren dominate the race for the nomination.

In two states that flipped from Democratic to Republican in the 2016 presidential race, the devastating floods are focusing voter's attention on climate change — and both parties' response to it.

Midwest voters in Trump country face historic floods and call for climate action

Farm groups say the situation is the worse than ever and that's causing pain in states that flipped from Obama to Trump.

Budget sales effort could be torpedoed as MPs prepare for marathon voting session #hw #cdnpoli

SNC-Lavalin CEO says firm never cited 9,000 jobs as reason for deserving DPA #hw #cdnpoli

“I'm posting her note for her family and friends could see,” Cindy McCain wrote of a message she received about her late husband, John McCain, amid President Trump's renewed disparagement of the late senator.

Cindy McCain shares stranger's hate-filled note after Trump criticism

The seething note to the widow of Sen. John McCain follows a series of critical comments against him by the president. “I'm posting her note for...

MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes quits Liberal caucus #hw #cdnpoli

Prime Minister Trudeau confirms @MPCelina has left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent. "I want to thank her for her service to the Liberal party and to her constituents and wish her the best in her continued service to her constituents." #cdnpoli

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